AUTOSCAN version 11.0 offers new functionality and improvements!

AUTOSCAN fit for the future

Almost four years after it’s initial launch we refactored the solution based on todays state of the art technology. The app was restructured based on clean architecture principles which brought AUTOSCAN on equal footing with the most modern mobile solutions out there. In addition we migrated most of the sourcecode from Java to Kotlin.
The AUTOSCAN Service solution was upgraded to the latest .net Core version.

The result we strive for: Our users don’t even realize all we did. They can relax and be assured that AUTOSCAN will integrate seamlessly in their daily work – also in the years to come.

New: Automated shipping proposals / crossdocking (incadea.DMS)

For each received item AUTOSCAN displays the open reservations and correlating sales order. After the receiving process was finished, the system automatically creates and posts a shipping proposal.

Additional improvements

  • The search for numbers in the item master (AUTOSCAN Direct Deliveries) now creates more reliable results by considering the config for number prefix
  • You now can choose if adding unexpected items to inventory acquisitions should be enabled or disabled
  • If you have multiple branches, but an OEM will deliver all orders only to one of your branches, AUTOSCAN now supports to receive all items in one central branch, although they have been ordered in multiple branches
  • Data which has been created by AUTOSCAN and isn’t needed anymore (technical logs, audit logs as well as data in the AUTOSCAN Delivery Overview) may now be deleted automatically after a configured period of time to decrease databasesize.