New version, new features: AUTOSCAN 8.0

Our mobile logistics solution in version 8 now provides branch orders and printing of item labels!

New: Branch orders

Dealerships and workshops with multiple branches regularly source parts from each other. AUTOSCAN now enables you to transfer those items. AUTOSCAN enables you to open and edit branch orders, which have previously been created in the DMS or even to create new branch orders right on the spot.


New: Print item labels

Within the item info screen as well within the incoming goods handling you will find the option to directly start printing using your existing barcode printer hardware – including name, number, shelfnumber and barcode!



Besides the impelmentation of new feature we continously add small and larger improvements to our existing functionality: E.g. we added the option to select the ordertype when creating direct deliveries. We also improved the integration for reservations created in your DMS.