New version, new features: AUTOSCAN 8.3

With Version 8.3 AUTOSCAN offers new features and improvements!

New: Login by scan

Changing between users is now even faster and allows to easily share one device between users. Login and switching between users can now be done by scanning a barcode. Each employee carries a personalized badge, which contains username, pin and preferred location.
By scanning the individual badge on login- or homescreen the user is logged in to AUTOSCAN and his preferred location is already selected.

New: Partial receipts for Directdeliveries

While receiving a Directdelivery based on a purchase order (expected amount) user now can post partial receipts based on the actually received amount.

In previous version only posting the entire expected quantity was offered in the Directdelivery-Overview.

New: Additional hardware support

AUTOSCAN was optimized and tested for additional Android scanning devices. The Honeywell CT60 and EDA51 as well as the latest SEUIC revision AutoID 9N are now officially AUTOSCAN certified.

You want to ensure, that AUTOSCAN also supports the hardware of your choice? We are happy to add new hardware options to the list of certified devices!

Viele weitere Verbesserungen

  • Konfiguration für die automatische Einlagerung nach der Warenannahme
  • Verbesserte Barcode-Verarbeitung und Unterstützung von Sonderzeichen in Barcodes
  • Einfachere Lizenz-Überprüfung für Partner
  • Automatische Installation nun für alle ERP-Syteme
  • AUTOSCAN ist nun auch in der Polnisch verfügbar