New version, new functions: AUTOSCAN 9.0

With version 9.0 AUTOSCAN offers loads of new functionality and improvements!

New: Optimized picking process

AUTOSCAN already offered opening and editing of sales orders. With version 9 we added a dedicated picking mode.
AUTOSCAN enables you to split your warehouse in multiple picking areas. Users select the picking area they are currently working in. Once ready, the user requests the next picking list for his area.
In picking mode no additional lines/items can be added to the order and the maximum quantity to pick may not be exceeded.
Via configuration you may add the option to put the item into a storing aid – e.g. a box to temporarily hold all items for a specific customer – right after picking.
Our implementation partners integrate the picking process based on customer specific plugins.

New: Create claims automatically (CarLo)

If you receive items based on Cockpit receipts in incadea CarLo, you may activate the option to automatically create claims in case AUTOSCAN recognizes a delivery short of the expected quantity.

Weitere Verbesserungen

  • Automatische Client Updates für Android 7+ stabilisiert
  • Ein Fehler in der Darstellung bei der Warenannahme bei nicht hinterlegter Regalnummer wurde behoben
  • Der Report zum automatischen Buchen des Umlagerungsbuchblattes wurde aktualisiert und überspringt nun fehlerhafte Zeilen ohne die Verarbeitung weiterer Zeilen zu unterbrechen