Version 14.0: Reifenhotel, mobiles Drucken und zentrales Monitoring

Unser neuestes Update hat einiges zu bieten: Erstens ein neues Modul für das Reifenlager. Zweitens den Druck auf mobilen Bluetooth-Druckern. Und drittens ein Monitoring, das die AUTOSCAN-Installationen am Laufen hält!

New “Tire Warehouse” module

The seasonal change from summer to winter tires (and back) is one of the most stressful times of the year for our customers. autoscan supports you in digitalizing and optimizing all processes, from storing to transferring to taking your customer’s tires out of storage.

By scanning the tire set’s label, you get all relevant information for the depot order. By scanning a shelf, you assign the new shelf to the order or choose to remove the set from storage.

The first autoscan integration with the new module will be implemented in cooperation with our partner soft-nrg. It is now available for their product soft-wheeler.

Mobile label printing

By connecting with one of our supported portable label printers from ZEBRA (e.g. the ZQ210), autoscan enables you to print right on the spot in the warehouse:

  • Item labels
  • Shelf labels
  • Crossdocking labels (showing item, customer and sales order)

autoscan seamlessly connects to any Bluetooth printer in range. Labels are printed with a touch of a button or automatically (e.g. printing crossdocking labels when receiving a reserved item).


By using Microsoft Azure Monitor, we monitor each autoscan installation at all times. In case of an incident, our support team is alerted automatically. Fixing the issue now starts sooner and is quicker and more efficient thanks to the collected telemetric data.

Further improvements

In addition to our new modules and features, we made improvements and fixed some issues:

  • autoscan supports varying package sizes for the same item via EAN code.
  • In addition to the previous 9 digits, PSA container numbers now contain an additional checksum character. autoscan now supports scanning this format without making manual adjustments
  • When transferring an item, the source bin/shelf can now be selected from a list.
  • incadea integration improvements
    • If the incadea IML doesn’t set the received Qty (Base) on importing cockpit receipts (e.g. PSA and DAF IML), autoscan will now calculate it.
    • After (partially) shipping a service order, autoscan makes sure the Qty. to Ship is recalculated for all lines.


Would you like to know what other great features autoscan has in store for you? Then contact us via or book an online meeting!