We are working on an auto-update – so that manual updates of our scanner solution by our partners will soon be history!

Relax and let autoscan do the work!

The update process until now

Our partners manually update autoscan on their customers’ on-premises installations: They connect to the customer’s server to download and install the update. Then they check if the new version runs without any problems. This might take 10 to 20 minutes.

The update process in the future

Instead of installing the newest version of autoscan, servers receive an installer which will make sure that updates are downloaded automatically!

In the partner portal, our partners simply specify if and when a new version for a customer needs to be downloaded. The installer retrieves this information and installs the requested version.

Afterwards, the installer does a functional check and sends a notification if it finds a problem.

We are nearly finished with the development of the installer and will start the pilot phase in December!

The advantages

First, our partners will save time because they don’t need to do manual updates anymore.

Secondly, the update doesn’t have to take place during working hours – there will be no maintenance window during which autoscan can’t be used. Instead, the installer is working while everyone else is asleep!

Thirdly, the auto-update we will make sure that the customer always uses the latest autoscan version – which will lead to less maintenance for our partners and for us!

Do you have questions?

We’d love to answer them – be it about this topic or autoscan in general!

You can reach us via Or simply use our online tool to schedule a meeting!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash