Our scanning solution is now available in Mozambique!

We are currently rolling out autoscan in Southern Africa with a customer of incadea Portugal.

Thanks to our partner incadea Portugal, autoscan will soon be operational in Mozambique: The first customer of incadea Portugal has received fully set up scanners from us and has already completed the first online training sessions!

Our scanner solution is an official add-on for incadea and is therefore used worldwide in conjunction with the dealer management system. In addition, there are several other integrations with various systems – with Mozambique, we are now present in 23 countries around the globe. We owe our reach to our 27 partners who serve around 200 customers with over 1600 devices running autoscan!

What’s autoscan?

autoscan is the mobile workplace for your warehouse. Just scan a barcode or QR code and enjoy your work!

autoscan uses an Android app for modern handheld scanners. It automates a variety of processes along the entire process chain in your warehouse ― from incoming goods to picking, inventory count and much more!

Plus: Our scanner solution seamlessly integrates into your ERP system, dealer management system (DMS) or warehouse management (WHM) system.

If you would like to learn more, simply contact us! You can reach us via email at hello@autoscan.app. Or simply book an appointment online!

Plus: Signing documents on tablets with our new product autosign!

Are you looking for an easy-to-implement solution, that allows your customers to sign documents on a mobile device like a tablet? Look no further! Our new product autosign provides a streamlined signing process for any document your ERP system can create.

Just send documents with a single click to a tablet and let your customer sign it. Then mail and archive the document. It can’t get easier than this!

Check out the website to learn more about autosign: