Updates highlights for our scanner solution

We are continually enhancing our autoscan scanning solution. For this article we handpicked five special updates from our extensive list!

In addition to the major updates, we are constantly making smaller improvements to our autoscan scanner solution. Five of these small but very fine improvements are presented here!

1. Automatic user logoff

Often, the scanner is used by multiple individuals in the warehouse or workshop. To prevent working under the wrong login, users are now automatically logged off after a set period of inactivity. This period of inactivity can now be configured.

2. Improvements in the tire warehouse module

A glance at our release notes reveals some exciting updates for our tire hotel module. For instance, tire photos now include the chassis number and are more seamlessly imported into the document management system.

Moreover, tire inventory management is now possible. This allows for a check before the hectic tire season to ensure that all tires are correctly placed, preventing any frustrating searches!

3. Enhanced QR code scanning

Sometimes, QR codes can drive you mad, especially when they’re flawed! We’ve improved autoscan to read QR codes even with incorrect encoding. For those interested in the details: autoscan defaults to UTF-8 in such cases, the most widely used encoding for unicode characters.

4. Shortcuts now include Google Chrome

Our scanning solution operates in a so-called kiosk mode. This means users can’t simply exit autoscan and repurpose the scanner device for other uses.

However, certain programs are occasionally useful or necessary. Previously, only  TeamViewer was accessible via a shortcut within the scanning solution. Now, the popular Google Chrome browser is also available!

5. Expanded language support

With our growing partner network, the number autoscan languages also increases. The latest addition: French!

Now the scanning solution supports 9 languages (English, German, Czech, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, and French).

Ongoing update information

The latest weekly updates are available on a dedicated page on this website, under the “Release Notes” link.

What’s (also) new: autosign!

We have another special, company-wide “update”: In recent months, we’ve not only been working on autoscan – we developed a completely new product! autosign is a solution that allows customers to sign documents on-site using a tablet. This solution seamlessly integrates into DMS and ERP systems!

Learn more about autosign on the new website: autosign.app