autoscan becomes an independent company

Started as a product of the software company CSS GmbH, autoscan now strikes out on its own: as of July 2021, autoscan has become an independent company!

Since development started in the CSS team, autoscan has turned into a successful product with partners in several countries. Four years after its first customer installation, it is time to stand on our own two feet.

Why? Because we are one hundred percent behind autoscan and our vision: We want to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to implement professional logistics processes – without pen and paper or complex, expensive software projects. We are convinced that we can make “logistics for all” happen if we fully focus on the product!

There are also practical reasons for starting out as an independent company: From development to accounting, the processes for product-oriented companies are vastly different from service-oriented companies like CSS, best known for implementing individual software projects.

The team

Johannes Widmann and Hans-Peter Zillner are the CEOs of the new company and the “masterminds” behind the product. They are supported by a team of software developers, who already worked on autoscan’s development during their time at CSS.

Speaking of CSS: autoscan and CSS will continue to rely on their strong bonds, whether professionally while developing software for a customer or privately enjoying shared hobbies and a glass of beer.

We are looking forward to autoscan’s continued success in cooperation with our existing and future partners!

The CEOs of the new company Johannes Widmann und Hans-Peter Zillner

The CEOs of the new company Johannes Widmann und Hans-Peter Zillner