autoscan now with proof of delivery!

The new proof of delivery module allows your drivers to document the delivery. And that’s just the beginning of what update 12 has in store!

In the last few months, our team has been fine-tuning our mobile scanner solution. As a result, we are happy to present new features and a lot of improvements!

Proof of Delivery

autoscan is leaving the warehouse: Version 12 allows your drivers to prove that a delivery has successfully taken place. The handover is either documented by the customer’s signature on the device or by taking photos in case of depositing. Additionally, date and location are recorded.

The data is stored on the device and sent as soon as it is connected to the Internet. A supporting document is created based on the date which can, for example, be stored in your document management system.

Use autoscan on devices without barcode reader and keypad

You don’t want to equip every driver and every team member with special scanner hardware? No problem! autoscan can now be used an all devices running Android 5 and higher: Simply use the in-built camera to scan barcodes. This allows autoscan to run on many more devices. Settings are configurated directly in the app.

Picking scheduling orders in advance

autoscan now supports a process where scheduling orders in workshops are picked in advance: When a scheduling order is opened on the scanner via tasks or the document number, autoscan shows it in form of a picking list.

When a part is picked and, for example, put in a box in the “workshop shelf” with all the other parts for this order, autoscan automatically transfers the parts in the background.

When the scheduling order turns into a service order, it’s clear which parts are already in the “warehouse shelf” and can be delivered from there.

Adding a part to a list

A part can now directly be added to a list via the parts info on the scanner – a very handy feature e.g. for order proposals/acquisition lists.

Backorder management

autoscan shows reservations from backorder management in the article view as well as directly in incoming goods check.

Further improvements

In addition to all these new features, we made some improvements and fixed some bugs (in some cases for specific ERP systems and customers):

  • For companies with multiple storage locations: If a user logs off and on again, their last selected storage location will be activated.
  • The task list on the home screen now displays when it was last updated and allows users to initiate a reload.
  • The option to initialize the printing of an incoming goods delivery directly in the mobile client has been added.
  • A bug was fixed which was caused by the “MakePrefix” field not being available in all local instances of the incadea.engine/CARLO DMS versions.
  • If there is no original parts number label, Mercedes businesses in Austria are now able to identify a part with the help of the barcode on the picking label from the Daimler warehouse.
  • The autoscan blueprint now creates the initial setup line in the incadea DMS to prevent employees from forgetting the manual step.

Just for our partners: Simplified installation

We distribute autoscan via partners who support their clients with ERP, warehouse and dealer management systems. Because we love them, we have made life easier for them: Previously, when setting up autoscan for a new customer, the download and endpoint barcodes had to be generated by the partner. These are now automatically generated on the completely overhauled start screen of the autoscan service!

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