autoscan versus “pen & paper“: Goods Issue

How fast does a warehouse team work with and without autoscan? Let’s compare at goods issue!

There is one goal when introducing a software solution like autoscan: to work more efficiently and save time in the process. So the question is: How much time do you actually save using autoscan?

The answer can be found in our series of articles. The first two articles took a closer look at inventory and incoming goods – now it’s time for goods issue!


In our example, we look at a warehouse with 50 customer orders per day.

  • Without autoscan
  • (Pre-)Picking: Orders are picked for the first time, either on the previous day or as soon as the work starts.
    Orders do not usually include any warehouse information, so picking lists have to be printed.

    38 minutes
  • Partially shipped orders need this information added in the system, so the next person knows that not all parts were issued.

    3 minutes
  • Adding new positions to an order means selecting the order in the system and adding the information.

    25 minutes
  • Total time needed for 50 orders:
    66 minutes
  • With autoscan
  • Simply choose the next order/picking list from the autoscan task list or scan the order.

    4 minutes
  • Parts are automatically delivered via autoscan.

    0 minutes
  • New positions can be added directly by scanning the order or part and selecting the job.

    4 minutes
  • Total time needed for 50 orders:
    8 minutes

The numbers speak for themselves: autoscan saves about one working hour every day!


Apart from the time saved, autoscan has another big advantage: Nothing is issued without being posted!

“No parts are mistakenly issued that are not on an order and hence aren’t invoiced. This saves real money.”

Erwin A. Fuchs, Head of Parts Distribution, BMW Höglinger


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