autoscan versus “pen & paper“: Incoming goods

How fast does a warehouse team work with and without autoscan? Let’s compare at incoming goods!

How much time can you save by using autoscan? To give you an idea, let’s take a closer look at the incoming goods process in a warehouse with and without autoscan!

The comparison

In our (fictitious) example, there’s a warehouse with a daily truck delivery. The corresponding delivery note lists on average of 200 positions. The warehouse does not receive a digital delivery note from the supplier but the item master data is already available in the ERP system.

Without autoscanWith autoscan
Looking for clues: Looking for a (hopefully) included paper delivery note, hunting for a pen und manually counting and ticking off 200 positions on the delivery note

34 minutes

Fast and easy scanning: Scanning the printed supplier barcodes, generating the new delivery and scanning all of the received items

17 minutes

Walking to the computer, logging on and opening the software. Choosing the correct supplier, generating a new order, manually entering all of the positions and amounts into the system (with a mistake or two…)

36 minutes

Automatically taken care of by autoscan

0 minutes

Creating (and booking) a delivery from the order in the system

15 minutes

Completing the delivery on the scanner (which will automatically create order and delivery in the system; the number of items is posted to the stock)

1 second

Total time needed:
Total time needed:

The above-mentioned numbers are estimates based on our experience gained in various warehouses – of course every customer is different. But one thing is for certain: autoscan makes working more efficient and completely eliminates certain steps.

Time is valuable!

The time saved in the above example is impressive: About 53 minutes are saved for each delivery – which adds up to about 220 working hours in a year! And we are just talking time saved in incoming goods – we haven’t even talked about other processes like inventory, goods issue or item relocating. Not to mention positive “side effects” like superior data quality, which is essential for every well-organised warehouse.

Want more time?

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