Our Slack Day: Scheduling Time for Innovation!

For many people, “slacking” means doing nothing. Our Slack Day is quite the opposite: We schedule time for new ideas – structured and premeditated!

Our new Release Day: The process behind updating autoscan on a regular basis

Let’s take a look behind the scenes of our development: Our Software Lead Bernhard Reuberger explains our structured approach to releases.

Working in the Cloud: Why we don’t have any IT infrastructure of our own

IT infrastructure on-site or in the Cloud? The decision was easy – and based on seven good reasons!

Founding a company: “An exciting time – I really learned a lot!”

Three months ago, autoscan became an independent company. In this interview, founder Johannes Widmann shares his experiences so far.

autoscan becomes an independent company

As of July 2021, autoscan has become an independent company!

Interview: “There’s a lot more in store!”

“Mister autoscan” Hans-Peter Zillner looks back at the humble beginnings of autoscan with a very small number of customers.