Fullfill customer orders faster with autoscan!

Pick, pack and deliver: autoscan can do it all, thereby making your shipping process more efficient and you customers happier!

We all know what it’s like to order something online and then wait longingly for our package to arrive. The sooner the delivery person knocks on our door, the happier we are with the whole shopping experience!

Naturally, you want to provide your customers with such happy moments and optimize your shipping processes accordingly. That’s why we made some improvements to autoscan in that area.

autoscan now supports your whole shipping process:

  • Step 1: Picking orders

    Using the picking list in AUTOSCAN, your warehouse team quickly puts the deliveries together. If you like, an invoice or delivery note is printed automatically when the order has been picked!

  • Step 2: Packing

    AUTOSCAN also supports you with packing your goods, either by simply scanning goods and assigning them to a specific box or by initiating the printing of labels.

  • Step 3: Delivery

    Last but not least, AUTOSCAN makes sure that your goods arrive safely! You already know that AUTOSCAN can initiate the printing of delivery notes on paper – or you can use our brand-new “Proof of Delivery” module: Your drivers always carry a digital version of the delivery note in the app on their device. The handover is documented either by the customer’s signature on the device or by taking photos in case of depositing the package at a safe location. This provides you with proof of delivery in real time and a PDF for your archive!

Let’s not forget backorders and cross-docking: autoscan also supports you in cases where not all goods for a delivery are in stock. As soon as the ordered goods arrive in your warehouse and are received with the help of autoscan, it indicates the waiting delivery so you can forward it immediately!

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