AUTOSCAN is the ideal barcode scanner solution for every company with a warehouse or shipping processes. AUTOSCAN is designed to automate and improve efficiency throughout all warehouse processes. Thanks to seamless integration with your ERP, warehouse or dealer management system, AUTOSCAN makes working professionally easy!

Talking technology: Android

AUTOSCAN’s software is based on the mobile operating system Android for smartphones. This way, we can support all devices using Android version 5 and higher. This makes hardware much more affordable than the usual special scanner hardware.

Our scanner recommendation

AUTOSCAN works with almost all Android devices. If you want to use a specific device, we will test and, if necessary, adapt AUTOSCAN for you.

We tested quite a few scanners to be able to offer an all-in-one software and hardware package. Our winner is the SEUIC AutoID9 scanner – which you can see in action our product video.