New for our partners: A comprehensive view of customer data!

With Application Insights, we’ve created a complete overview of all installations for our scanner solution – now accessible to all our partners!

Our partners receive their own access to Application Insights, allowing them to monitor their customers and installations 24/7.

The platform provides all essential information, including:

  • Installations and customer names
  • Installed version
  • Number of licenses in use
  • Installation status: Are there any issues? If so, what’s the problem?
  • Current performance metrics

Our tailored insights into customer installations offer even more: Partners can also see which autoscan features are being used and at what times. This quickly reveals untapped potential so customers can get the most out of their scanning solution!

An added bonus: Each customer record contains a direct link to our partner portal. This eliminates the need for portal searches using the customer ID to find the correct configuration!

When will Application Insights be available for partners?

Now! We’ve completed the testing phase and rolled out the access credentials to the rest of our partners.

What is Application Insights?

Application Insights is provided by Microsoft and offers a multitude of tools for monitoring the performance of an application like our autoscan scanning solution.

Application Insights is an extension of Azure Monitor – and Microsoft Azure is our Cloud provider of choice! We’ve been running our infrastructure on this platform from day 1.

To learn why we made this choice, check out our article “Working in the Cloud: Why we don’t have any IT infrastructure of our own”.

More details about our scanner software

autoscan is the mobile workplace for your warehouse. Just scan a barcode or QR code and enjoy your work!

autoscan uses an Android app for modern handheld scanners. It automates a variety of processes along the entire process chain in your warehouse ― from incoming goods to picking, inventory count and much more!

Plus: autoscan seamlessly integrates into your ERP system, dealer management system (DMS) or warehouse management (WHM) system.

If you would like to learn more, simply contact us! You can reach us via email at Or simply book an appointment online!