New: QR code scanning on tires

Our scanner solution now recognizes the hard-to-read QR codes on tires and uploads the data to the system!

An increasing number of tires have laser-marked QR codes containing tire-related data that can be digitally decoded.

To allow for this data to be used conveniently and effortlessly, we have expanded our tire warehouse module: Just scan the code to read it. The data is automatically captured and transferred into the system!

QR codes on tires: a challenge!

A scanner solution scanning a code – sounds simple enough.

But it’s actually a technical challenge! QR codes on tires are small black print on a black background and thus difficult to discern.

In search of a solution, we came across the Google Machine Learning Kit which offers an excellent model for QR codes, even those on tires.

This kit has now become the foundation for our scan engine in autoscan, enabling the capture of codes via the camera. This allows workshops to make use of the laser-marked QR codes – saving valuable time during the busy tire changing season!

The tire warehouse module in our scanning solution

If you store sets of wheels for your customers or perform tire changes, autoscan has a lot to offer:

  • Capture tire data (such as manufacturer, dimensions, DOT, etc.) – only when the tire is first registered with you. autoscan searches for the last recorded set of tires for the vehicle and suggests it automatically!
  • Record tread depths in a matter of seconds.
  • Document tire damage and capture it with photos!

Interested? Any questions?

We would be happy to answer them – whether they are about the tire warehouse module or our warehouse scanning solution in general!

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