“autoscan is easier to use than a smartphone!”

The BMW Göndle car dealership has been using our scanner solution for years. We asked Managing Director Michael Hickelsberger about his experience with autoscan!

Michael Hickelsberger, Managing Director BMW Göndle car dealership, and Johannes Widmann, CEO AUTOSCAN GmbH

Question: How did your journey with autoscan begin?

Michael Hickelsberger: That was a few years ago. We became aware of autoscan through S4 Computer. They manage our Dealer Management System incadea and our hardware – and they are a partner of yours.

We’re generally very curious and like to explore new things that offer new benefits. autoscan is no exception. We started using it in the parts department for incoming goods and inventory, and now we also use it for tire changes.

Question: You mentioned “things that offer new benefits.” Which challenges did autoscan solve?

Michael Hickelsberger: Mainly everyday errors and slips of the keyboard. For example where letters or numbers were switched around or a colleague’s handwriting was so poor that incorrect information landed in our system.

With autoscan, these problems are completely eliminated. That saves us a lot of trouble!

Question: Since last year, you’ve been using the tire warehouse module. You were one of its first users. How’s it going?

Michael Hickelsberger: Much better than I thought! I was a bit skeptical at first, especially since while implementing autoscan we also switched to random stocking. I thought it would be more dramatic.

Instead, everything went smoothly! In our beautiful new tire warehouse, which we set up in 2021, we’re now entering our third tire season with the scanners.

This is a good example for how autoscan can help you save time: Preparation lists used to be a lot of work. Appointments for the current day were pulled from one system, before the required tires’ storage locations were retrieved from another system. Every day, my team used to spend a good 45 minutes on this. Now everything is already on their scanners and they can start working right away.

“Every day, my team used to spend a good 45 minutes on this. Now everything is already on their scanners and they can start working right away.”

Question: How is the parts department doing with autoscan? What about inventory-taking?

Michael Hickelsberger: Honestly, I don’t really know. I don’t hear anything about it — and that’s a really good sign because it means everything is working! [laughs]

Question: Were there any obstacles with the autoscan implementation?

Michael Hickelsberger: The only obstacles are in people’s minds. Like I already said, I was concerned that the tire warehouse introduction would be chaotic but it turned out to be fine. Or some employees still tried to cling to the paperwork they had grown accustomed to over the years. But that’s it!

Question: Why would you recommend autoscan to other companies?

Michael Hickelsberger: You know what I like best about autoscan? Your solution is evolving; it’s constantly being developed.

Often, you spend a whole lot of money on software and licenses, and then this s*** – pardon my French – just gets worse and no one cares. autoscan, on the other hand, keeps improving.

Also, you’re a dynamic team. There are no “we can’ts”, you work solution-oriented and try to understand what your clients really need.

All of this shows me that autoscan is a good investment.

“All of this shows me that autoscan is a good investment.”

Question: Thank you, we really appreciate that! One last question: Do you have any advice for other companies planning to introduce autoscan?

Michael Hickelsberger: Not really, as it’s really simple. Just implement it, do it, go for it!

Today, everyone can use a smartphone or order stuff on the Internet – and that’s often much harder than using autoscan. And if you also have someone in the company like our Claudia Habersatter who organizes everything to do with the scanner solution and keeps an eye on it, everything will go smoothly!

About the person and the company

Michael Hickelsberger is the statutory and commercial Managing Director of the BMW Göndle St. Pölten car dealership. He has been with the company since 2005 and has risen from Service Advisor to Service Manager, becoming Managing Director in 2013.

The BMW Göndle car dealership is a family business founded in 1986 by Peter Göndle. Today, it has about 80 employees. Approximately 1,000 contracts are signed annually for new cars and used cars. In addition to sales, great emphasis is placed on after-sales services to offer customers a comprehensive service package for their cars.