Making your experience with autoscan even more enjoyable

Our scanning solution is becoming increasingly more user-friendly. Below is a list of usability enhancements we’ve implemented recently!

When we began developing autoscan, our goal was to introduce the most efficient warehouse management scanning solution on the market.

This meant, among other things, that it had to be as simple and intuitive as possible!

And to this day, we continually refine and improve our app to make your experience with our solution even more enjoyable.

The usability improvements in detail

For instance, we recently added the following updates:

1. New success notifications after task completion

Ah, that fuzzy feeling when completing a task… To amplify these moments of accomplishment, we’ve enhanced our success notifications, adding a bit more joy to your work!

2. Visual enhancements to error messages

We’ve made error messages larger and more easy-to-read – allowing you to quickly pinpoint the issue!

3. Integration of detailed error messages from the ERP system

Previously, error messages in autoscan were very generic. As of now, we pull detailed error information from the ERP system to display them on the scanners. For instance, instead of seeing “Item could not be loaded,” you’ll see “Item could not be loaded because it is locked.” Much more helpful, right?

4. Settings are accessible from everywhere

Every so often it is necessary to tweak settings on the go. You can now access settings not just from the home screen but from anywhere within autoscan!

5. Direct printer connection from the first print

Speaking of settings: you no longer need to go into Settings to connect the printer for the first time. This can now be done directly from the print dialog when printing labels for the first time!

6. Faster scanning with the scanner camera

We’ve optimized camera-based scans for better performance. More details on this, including the ability to scan tiny black QR codes on black tires, can be found in our article!

7. Quicker form completion

Another nifty update: When filling out form fields in our scanning solution, you no longer need to manually move to the next field. After completing one field, autoscan automatically jumps to the next!

More details about our scanner software

autoscan is the mobile workplace for your warehouse. Just scan a barcode or QR code and enjoy your work!

autoscan uses an Android app for modern handheld scanners. It automates a variety of processes along the entire process chain in your warehouse ― from incoming goods to picking, inventory count and much more!

Plus: autoscan seamlessly integrates into your ERP system, dealer management system (DMS) or warehouse management (WHM) system.

If you would like to learn more, simply contact us! You can reach us via email at Or simply book an appointment online!