Our product for signing on a tablet is on its way!

We are working on a solution that lets clients sign documents on-site. This solution will seamlessly integrate with your DMS and ERP system!

We’ve also picked a name for our newest addition: autosign!

The first version of autosign will transform tablets or smartphones into a mobile signing pad. Say goodbye to the constant cycle of printing, signing, scanning, and filing!

With just a tap, documents like privacy policies or handover reports are securely loaded from your ERP system or DMS. The signed documents are then securely stored wherever you like!

Seamless integration

Just as you’ve experienced with our trusted autoscan scanning solution, we promise you an easy and hassle-free integration of autosign into your DMS and ERP system. Our motto: install and play!

What our customers want: electronic signatures

We chose to create autosign because we kept hearing from clients that they wanted a practical electronic signature solution.

Our own observations in workshops and warehouses confirmed: there’s a pressing need here, as many existing solutions can be tricky to implement (if people even bother trying…).

And so, we’re working diligently to have the first version of autosign available for you by the end of 2023!

Your feedback matters!

Much like our autoscan scanner solution, autosign will continually evolve.

Got suggestions or ideas for autosign? Or would you like to learn more? We’re eager to hear from you!