The brand new „tire warehouse” module

The first version of our mobile tire hotel integration is here! It launches in connection with the soft-wheeler system offered by soft-nrg.

This is what many of our customers in the automotive sector have been waiting for: being able to use autoscan for tire warehousing. With the help of the tire warehouse module, all tire-related stocking processes can now be managed efficiently with the mobile scanner!

The first version covers logistics processes. It includes:

  • Stocking of tire sets by scanning the label and the storage location
  • Stock transfer – especially useful, when using holding areas like “ready for stocking” or “ready to be issued”. autoscan shows where the tire set is currently located.
  • Stock removal by scanning tire set labels
  • Depot order information

The first autoscan integration with the new module will be implemented in cooperation with our partner soft-nrg. It is now available in their product soft-wheeler.

Planned: Additional integrations and features

Version 1 of this module is just the beginning! We will continue to add more features and integrations with other tire hotel systems.

If you want to know more, we are happy to answer all your questions! Just contact us via or book an online meeting!