Version 13.0: Improved picking, crossdocking and printing

With AUTOSCAN 13 we introduce the picking list module for a wide variety of applications and the addition of enhanced label printing options.


The picking list module allows you to streamline order picking.

Picking tasks will list all orders with items ready to be picked and help you decide which order to handle next.

Efficiently maneuver through the warehouse and pick items. Optionally put them into storing aids/transport packaging and easily give feedback if an item isn’t available for picking.


One of our goals is paperless warehouses. While printing labels may sound counterintuitive at first, it is an important part of digitalization.

AUTOSCAN offers lots of flexible options like printing shelf labels and item labels (e.g. when removing items from their original packing). It also allows you to print crossdocking labels containing information like customer name, order number or shipping info.


If you have backorder management in place, it’s essential to see the customer / sales order reference when receiving items.

autoscan will show you the reservation info upon receiving the item. Optionally, autoscan will automatically print your crossdocking label containing all relevant information for directly shipping the item.


In addition to all these new features, we made some improvements and fixed some issues:

  • autoscan is now available in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Manually overwriting values previously required deleting the old content first. Now this content can be overwritten right away in order to save time!
  • autoscan now supports different packaging sizes for the same item depending on the EAN code.
  • PSA containers ending on a checksum character can now be scanned directly.
  • When transferring an item, the “From shelf” is now selectable from a list view.


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