STAHLGRUBER works with our Business Central version!

STAHLGRUBER AUSTRIA now uses autoscan in its Salzburg branch, integrated into Business Central.


STAHLGRUBER AUSTRIA distributes large amounts of OEM parts and accessories for different vehicle types. Additionally, its range of goods includes quality tools and workshop equipment. STAHLGRUBER has 20 branches throughout Austria.

With this size and range of goods, it’s not surprising that warehouse management and logistics are important. STAHLGRUBER AUSTRIA turned to us to make these processes more efficient.


STAHLGRUBER AUSTRIA uses Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system – lucky for us, since we were already planning a Business Central version of autoscan! In STAHLGRUBER AUSTRIA we found the perfect partner to transform this plan into reality.

We already implemented the first minimal version for STAHLGRUBER AUSTRIA at the beginning of 2021. Now we upgraded it to cover all the important processes for random stocking!


This Business Central standard version started as a pilot at STAHLGRUBER AUSTRIA. autoscan proved itself worthy during this test phase and STAHLGRUBER AUSTRIA rolled it out in its Salzburg branch, with the other branches to follow.

Currently, STAHLGRUBER AUSTRIA is also testing our additional “Proof of Delivery” module, which will enable the company’s drivers to document their deliveries using autoscan!

A big thank you to STAHLGRUBER AUSTRIA for the wonderful cooperation, which allows us to make autoscan even better!


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