Goods issue & sales orders

After opening a sales order, AUTOSCAN lists all the items, including quantity and shelf information. Items may be grouped if applicable (e.g. for jobs within an automotive service order).

Items previously added to the order are picked and shipped in the ERP system.

While picking the items, they are shipped/delivered in the ERP system.

Add new additional items to the sales order directly via AUTOSCAN and change the quantity of existing lines. The sales order in the ERP system will be updated accordingly.

One process – one tool

Especially handy for wholesale: AUTOSCAN supports the entire fulfillment process. After picking the sales order, it is not “only” shipped in the ERP system, but also invoiced and printed.

After collecting all the items for an order, you will find the invoice already in the printer right next to your packing station without the need for a PC terminal.