Incoming goods handling

Start receiving

Identifying the delivery and starting the receiving with the AUTOSCAN concept is easy. Just scan the shipping crate (collie, container), receipt number or any item within the shipment and off you go.

Check received quantities

Take the first item out of the crate and scan it!

AUTOSCAN will show you the expected quantity (2) and the item shelf for presorting the items for later storing.

Increase the actual (accepted) quantity by repeatedly scanning the item or via keyboard input.

It is even possible to print customizable item labels directly during the receiving process.


If your system provides reservations for the item (linking the purchase line to a sales line as origin of demand), AUTOSCAN will show them to support direct allocation (crossdocking).

AUTOSCAN provides a complete progress overview at all times.

Depending on configuration, you can activate receiving of access quantities or even adding unexpected items to a receipt.

Automatic posting and dealing with incorrect quantities

After receiving and optionally storing the items, AUTOSCAN will automatically post all lines with matching expected and actually received quantities in your ERP solution.

Within the ERP system, AUTOSCAN gives a clear overview of all items with mismatched quantities and will provide options on how to proceed.