7 tips for introducing your scanner solution successfully!

Use the full potential of your scanner solution by following these tips!

Tip 1 – Explain your business goals

The first step is to clarify your business goals. The range of potential business goals is vast, from increased data quality and saving time and money when working on the inventory to improved employee satisfaction.

Tip 2 – Tidy up!

Introducing AUTOSCAN in your company is the perfect moment to restructure your warehouse. Tidy up, do inventory, shorten the distances, regroup! AUTOSCAN’s clever and proven processes can help you organise your warehouse (while taking your individual requirements into account).

Tip 3 – Involve the management

You’re the boss – get involved! Management has a vital role to play during the introduction. If you believe in the software’s benefits, let your team know. Learn how AUTOSCAN works for yourself, then start a scanner race with your warehouse staff! Jokes aside – you standing behind the introduction of AUTOSCAN will increase its acceptance by all users.

Tip 4 – Take users’ fears seriously

Changes can quickly trigger doubts and fears in your team. Whether it’s the fear of not being able to operate the new system, the fear of being made redundant or the fear of even more monitoring – pay attention to your employees’ fears before the introduction and take them seriously.

Tip 5 – Establish a team of multiplicators

In addition to management, use specialists to hype the introduction of AUTOSCAN. Appoint responsible staff members to motivate and inspire colleagues when using the new processes. Theses multiplicators have a high affinity towards technology and innovation and know AUTOSCAN’s most important features and advantages. They are not just your team’s contact but also the main liaison for your AUTOSCAN partner.

Tip 6 – Communication

Human beings are creatures of habit! It’s not surprising that they are unhappy and annoyed when their tools change overnight without warning. Inform your whole team in advance about the upcoming introduction of AUTOSCAN. A small, internal communication campaign does not have to be elaborate to create anticipation and excitement. Just use your existing channels for internal communication. It’s equally important to seek user feedback after the introduction. Your users will tell you all about the current mood of the team and if changes are needed.

Tip 7 – Train your users

Of course, it’s important to know how to operate the scanners und which useful features can be put to good use. But it’s equally important to ask how the new software will change existing processes and working methods. Prepare yourself for these kinds of questions and focus on the individual users’ needs.

Follow these 7 tips and the introduction of AUTOSCAN in your warehouse will be a success story – like for many of our customers before you. Contact us if you want to know more!

[Photo for teaser by Bruce Mars on unsplash]