COUNT IT will start offering autoscan to its customers. Plus, they are supporting us with the cloud version of autoscan for Business Central!

What started the new partnership was a project for a joint customer: We rolled out our first autoscan Business Central version at STAHLGRUBER, where COUNT IT is taking care of the ERP system, so they got to know our scanner solution.

It was not hard to convince COUNT IT of autoscan, and the company will start offering autoscan to its BC customers any time they require a mobile scanner solution for warehouses and retail.

We are particularly happy that we got COUNT IT on board for developing a special autoscan version for Business Central in the cloud for a pilot customer!


COUNT IT is one of the leading partners for solutions in the areas of information technology, personnel accounting, and tax accountancy. The company offers agile individual software solutions, ERP and ECM business solutions, IT & Cloud services, smart tax consultancy, all around accounting services and comprehensive support for human resources. COUNT IT has three offices in Austria.

Our partner network is growing

Thanks to COUNT IT, our partner network has grown to 15 partners. These 15 partners are supporting 120 customers in 11 countries – at these customers, more than 870 users are working with autoscan!

Photo at the beginning of the article by Tyler Nix on Unsplash