autoscan covers more and more shipping processes: update 16 includes the brand new Packing module!

For goods issue and shipping, we already have two available modules: Picking and Proof of Delivery. Now we are covering another process in between: With the new module, items can now be packed!

What does the new module offer?

With the Picking module, you can do the following right on the scanner:

  • Open a list of items which need to be packed (Packing List).
  • Create shipping packages (optional: prefill with all unpacked items).
  • Pack items into shipping packages.
  • Finish/seal shipping package (optional: create additional packages).
  • Have the ERP system print shipping labels and labels for hazardous goods.

Already in use

The new module is already being used by our customer AVAG. In combination with Heidler’s shipping software, it is being put to a real-life test.

You use a different shipping software? No problem! Let’s talk about it – just send us an email or use our booking tool to schedule an online meeting!

More about update 16

The Picking module may be the biggest news in update 16. But there are a few more new features and improvements – check them out in our release notes!

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash