Small step, big impact: using autoscan to add parts while working on an order. This can save you more time and money than you think!

This happens all the time in workshops and stores: An extra position has to be added to an existing order. The mechanic might find another faulty part during service which has to be replaced. Or he needs a few liters of oil or windshield wiper fluid.

Let’s take a closer look at the last example: The mechanic gets a few liters of oil from storage and leaves a handwritten note on the order. The order document returns to the counter where it must be manually entered into the computer before the invoice can be sent.

There are a couple of things that can go wrong during that process. Maybe, now and then, the mechanic forgets to leave a handwritten note and the oil is not charged. This adds up over the course of the financial year and a lot of money is lost!

Another problem: Billing gets delayed. Adding the handwritten note in the computer takes time. And maybe, now and then, the colleague’s handwriting is sloppy and somebody needs to call and ask what they meant.

Often underrated: The potential of autoscan for order entry

When we are at our customers’ locations, we often realize that they are not aware of this problem – not surprising, as little hiccups are rarely noticed during their busy daily routine.

They are in for a positive surprise when we ask them to use autoscan during order processing: The mechanic simply scans the code of the needed liquid with autoscan, types in the amount and voilà, the article is added to the order!

As soon as the mechanic closes the order, billing can be initiated. The same goes for selling over the counter: nothing is forgotten, everything is billed – and quickly!

And the best part: This feature is included in autoscan, you don’t have to pay extra and you can start using it right now!

So, if you are already using autoscan, don’t miss out on its full potential! And if you don’t know autoscan, contact us – we are happy to answer all your questions via email or in a meeting!