Are you the right type of person for autoscan?

We identified 4 personalities that will enjoy using our warehouse scanner solution. Are you one of them?

Type A: No stress

You love your peace of mind? Then you are type A on our list!

You value good relationships, be it with colleagues, family or friends. A happy, uncomplicated life is your top priority – that’s why you love user-friendly and efficient solutions like our autoscan scanner software!

How autoscan helps you to relax

  • Your team will quickly get a feel for autoscan. Working with the scanner is as easy as using a smartphone!
  • autoscan makes sure that information is found where it’s needed. No more searching, no more discussions!
  • The data quality is topnotch – without any extra effort.
  • autoscan seamlessly integrates into your system, ensuring that all processes are interconnected.
  • autoscan automates certain process steps. Let’s take incoming goods as an example: As soon as items are scanned, deliveries are posted in the background.
  • No item is issued without being recorded in the system. A relaxing thought, right?

Type B: Money does make you happy

You care about money. You either save every penny or are prepared to take risks with your investments. Whatever your personal approach to your financial cushion, autoscan will make your value-conscious personality happy!

How autoscan saves you money

  • Our scanner solution saves time and money in many areas of your warehouse. To demonstrate, we calculated some real-life examples:
  • autoscan frees resources in your parts team. For example, you could take a more active approach to parts sales and generate new revenue by selling parts to independent repair shops.
  • autoscan can be activated without high setup or project costs.
  • The software-as-a-service package (per scanner and month) ensures that you always use the latest version without additional costs.
  • The “per month per scanner” pricing model gives you optimum planning security. In addition, you can flexibly decide whether you want to use more or fewer scanners during a certain time period and only pay as much as you really need.
  • And due to the data being immediately recorded in the system, you have full control and an excellent overview.

Type C: Let’s have some fun

You are type C if you love fun and games – who doesn’t?

But you REALLY love to be among people, have a lot of hobbies and are open to new things – like autoscan which makes working super fun!

Reasons why autoscan is fun

  • Contact us for a demo! You’ll see that the scanners’ beeping and vibrating almost have the same hypnotic effects as computer games. Maybe you’ll even challenge your warehouse staff to a scan race!
  • No matter where you are, you always have the flow of goods and all relevant processes in your pocket. This makes working much more pleasant!
  • You’ll sleep well knowing that all data is processed in your system in the highest quality and in the shortest possible time. No more unpleasant surprises during inventory or year-end closing!
  • autoscan implementation is simple. After a few days, most companies can no longer imagine how they used to work before!

Type D: Always at the forefront

If you are a type D personality, you are bold, active and enjoy standing out. Technology-wise you are always at the forefront.

You get a warm and fuzzy feeling of pride when others admire and appreciate you for regularly turning up with modern solutions like autoscan!

Why you are blazing a trail with autoscan

  • Only very few companies have managed to make their warehouse processes 100% paperless – unlike you!
  • There are regular updates and improvements, so you are always working with the latest and most modern solution.
  • Share your knowledge and ideas so we can make autoscan even better!
  • Digitize your warehouse to save working time and speed up your processes.

Sounds convincing? Book a demo appointment now to experience how well autoscan fits you and your company!